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Make sure they are high-quality and represent your best work. Good photo subjects are your products, a logo, a shot of you producing your work, and a shot of your storefront or interior.



I verify that my products meet the Made in Mariposa eligibility requirements. My finished products incorporate at least 51% of their source material from Mariposa County; AND/OR at least 51% of the labor used to make my final product occurs within Mariposa County. I will only use the logos on products that meet this description as approved by Made in Mariposa.


I hereby give Made in Mariposa the irrevocable right to use the material submitted here, found on my website or social media accounts, or otherwise submitted to Made in Mariposa, for reproduction in electronic media or printed form for the purposes of promoting my business via the Made in Mariposa online products directory, website, social media, publications, or promoting my business and/or the Made in Mariposa program through advertising, display, exhibition, bulletin board service, web, or editorial use.