Mariposa Hiking Adventures

Do you like to walk or hike? If so, Mariposa Hiking Adventures: Day Hikes in the Foothills near Yosemite National Park by Chery Davis will help you find wonderful trails in Mariposa County, California on the west side of the Sierra Mountains. Each hike is described and includes the location, the difficulty, the length, the elevations and the approximate time it takes to walk round-trip. Because most roads or paths do not have signs, you will find a map, directions describing how to follow the trail and numerous photos to show you unmarked turns, and to entice you to take the hike.

Several local residents who have lived here for 25 to 30 years have said, “I’ve never even been on this road before. I had no idea it was here.”

The Kindle version provides maps, photos and descriptions of 40 hikes within 40 miles of town in Mariposa and costs $9.99 through

There are also five printed volumes in 6”x9” paperback so you can tuck one in a backpack or pocket. The books are divided into five volumes to provide you with full-color photos of all of the hikes in affordable books. These also make nice remembrances of your time in Mariposa.

The volumes are divided by area according to the following map:

  • Volume 1 hikes can be found in the middle of the map and are in the central area near town in Mariposa.
  • Volume 2 hikes are north of town and include Midpines and Briceburg as well as Telegraph Hill.
  • Volume 3 includes hikes in Jerseydale which is north and east of town.
  • Volume 4 offers hikes that are closest to Oakhurst.
  • Volume 5 describes hikes that are closest to Merced and include Catheys Valley and Bear Valley.

Each book can be purchased on or through our local Visitors Center, History Museum or Casto Oaks Gallery in town. You will also find copies at Butterfly Creek Winery.

Whether you live here or are planning to visit, you would probably enjoy getting off of the beaten path, taking a hike and appreciating nature.

Where to Buy: Amazon / Butterfly Creek Winery / Casto Oaks Art and Wine / Mariposa Visitor Center

Owner: Chery Davis

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Updated on August 15, 2016