The Made in Mariposa initiative promotes the local agriculture, manufacturing, and artist-based businesses of Mariposa County.

Made in Mariposa works to bring awareness and create demand for the high-quality manufactured goods, and other products grown and created in Mariposa County, while reflecting regional values for the economic benefit of local industry.

The program requires that participating products source at least 51% of their raw materials from the county, or utilize 51% or more of their labor from the county.

It is important to note that the Made in Mariposa program is not a certification program for companies, but rather for their products. To be eligible, the person or company producing or growing the product must attest that their product meets the Made in Mariposa product criteria. The statement appears as follows:

“I verify that my products meet the Made in Mariposa eligibility requirements. My finished products incorporate at least 51% of their source material from Mariposa County; AND/OR at least 51% of the labor used to make my final product occurs within Mariposa County. I will only use the logos on products that meet this description as approved by Made in Mariposa.”

Look for the Made in Mariposa logo wherever you shop or dine.